Santeen Cleaning Products

Santeen has been offering superior cleaning products to consumers for more than 70 years. The unique formulations and concentrated strength give our products the ability to perform when other products fail.

S-T Drain Opener

A unique formula of concentrated virgin sulfuric acid that is more powerful and safer than other drain openers. S-T operates at a lower heat, yet quickly dissolves grease, diapers, cigarette butts, hair, etc. S-T is friendly to PVC pipes and septic systems and it will thaw frozen pipes.

Grease * Hair Clog Remover

A non-acid formulation of sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide. It creates heat to melt grease and dissolve hair. It is safe for PVC/metal.

Lye Crystal Drain Opener

A professional strength chemical that will dissolve hair, soap scum, grease, coffee grounds, bone scraps and rinds. Lye Crystal Drain Opener is for drain opening and maintenance (Liquid to Open, Crystals to Maintain). It is triple sealed for store safety, and contains 99% Sodium hydroxide and 1% inert ingredients.

Chrome & Tile Cleaner

A unique formulation of phosphoric acid in an industrial strength formula that is effective for cleaning brick, chrome, stainless steel, enamel, tile, brass, copper, porcelain and shower doors.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner/Delimer

A unique formulation of hydrochloric acid that will remove rust, lime and scale buildup on toilets, humidifiers, water coils, refrigeration units, air conditioners, boilers, lines and valves. It will restore that glossy look to toilets while freeing rim holes, jets and traps of lime and rust.